Hello! I am John Baker, the owner, operator, and photographer at Lakeside Photo.  My wife Barbara and I have been permanent residents of Ajijic since May of 2014. During my entire life, I have always pursued photography. I remember as a teenager playing with the idea to make photography a career, wanting to attend the Santa Barbara Brooks Institute of Photography. However, I lacked the time and money to pursue photography until retirement in 1999.

 After forty years of a career in aerospace, managing subcontracts, I finally could devote myself to photo interests. Having learning disabilities has always hampered me in studying from conventional ways. As a consequence, I am mostly self-taught through trial and error. My annual highlight has been Texas Professional Photographers Association, which sponsors a multimodal one-week photography school. As a member, I have been fortunate to attend four times, learning more about Photoshop, portraiture, posing, and studio and off camera lighting.


 You may have seen some of my work on Facebook under the name of JB Photoshooter. I also have a website www.jbphotoshooter.com.

 Locally, I have provided photographic support to such organizations as:

 Lakeside Garden Guild photos & video 2017

Nino Incapacitados Gala Event 2015, 2016, and 2017

Thriller Video 2017

Villa Infantil Guadalupe y San Jose

Chapala Rotary

 My goal at Lakeside Photo is to provide a professional photography studio and its related resources to all lakeside residents. It is not my intention to compete with local Mexican professional photographers who are making a living through photography. On the other hand, I have come to realize that locals and expats would like a resource for quality portraiture, whether business headshots, fashion, retail product, or family photos. Each lakeside resident has unique needs. I intend to meet them. I can photograph your pet, your home, and your staff -- or scan your photos to make a musical DVD. Your imagination is my creative fulfillment! 

 Welcome to my world. I hope to see you through my camera lens!